Weddings With Michael Peterson
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Thank you again for your interest in Weddings with Michael Peterson.  I look forward to meeting you and hope that you will call me at your earliest convenience.

Michael will see that each element of your reception is on time and exactly as you imagined it. You can be confident that nothing will be missed or forgotten and can enjoy your important day without worry. You, your family and friends will remember your wedding as the best one ever!

About Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson is passionate about music and using it to create just the right ambiance at your event. What sets Michael apart from other DJs and booking agents is his total immersion in the planning and execution of your event. Michael understands the importance of knowing about all aspects of your special day... your style, your dreams, your visions. All of this comes into play when it comes to providing you with just the right music and seeing that it is woven properly into the fabric of your event.

"Standard" service for Michael includes four preliminary planning meetings, followed by attendance and direction at your wedding rehearsal, culminating in his full-service, multi-system equipment package on your wedding day.
Your first meeting with Michael will include a walk-through of the event at the wedding site going over details of set-up, equipment needs, sound and placement of all audio systems. The second meeting takes place over a relaxing lunch or coffee and involves creating an entertainment plan and beginning the creation of the scripted introductions for the bridal party, the bride and groom's "love story," and any other spoken parts of the event that would benefit from a prepared script. This meeting provides a chance for the bride and groom to elaborate on their visions for the day's "festivities" and how these might be sequenced.

All aspects of the actual music for your event are the focus of your third meeting with Michael. You'll discuss music "themes," plan out the styles and special requests for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dance reception. You'll figure out your special dances and dedications and work on set lists for the dance reception.

Your fourth meeting is for finalizing logistics, reviewing your special music requests and setting the final entertainment plan for the ceremony and reception.

As your Entertainment Coordinator, Michael will attend your wedding rehearsal where he can assist or direct the entire rehearsal. As part of his service, Michael offers a detailed program for prelude and ceremony, outlining seating for special guests, processional order, and a script coordinating music and service reading. By being part of the rehearsal, Michael is able to develop a rapport with your most important guests, and can help to set a calming tone for the event.